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Admin & Support Staff

2018 Executive & Administrative Staff

mdm kee bee choo.jpgMs Phyllis Kee Bee Choo
Administration Manager
mr lim yong peng.jpgMr Thomas Lim Yong Peng
Operations Manager

mdm jacqueline png guay chin.jpgMdm Jacqueline Png Guay Chin
mdm leong wen lin.jpgMdm Leong Wen Lin
mdm chew chern peng.jpgMdm May Chew Chern Peng
mdm teo lay kheng yvonne.jpgMdm Yvonne Teo Lay Kheng
mr lim soon huat.jpgMr Lim Soon Huat
mdm yeo bee bee.jpgMdm Yeo Bee Bee
mdm tay siew keng.jpgMdm Tay Siew Keng
mr sinnathambi moorthy.jpgMr Sinnathambi Moorthy
mr yee chee hor.jpgMr Yee Chee Hor

2018 Other School Support Staff

mr rustam moenaf bin ahmad jailani.jpgMr Rustam Moenaf Bin Ahmad Jailani
School Programmes Executive
mr muhammad zahid bin saizul.jpgMr Muhammad Zahid Bin Saizul
ICT Technical Assistant 
sorry-image-not-available.pngMr Jeremy Jong Boon Mien
ICT Technical Assistant
mdm lynn haslinah bte ahmad jailani.jpg Ms Lynn Haslinah Bte Ahmad
mdm teo siok eng.jpgMdm Teo Siok Eng
Assistant Librarian
ms choo poh geok lily nellie.jpgMs Nellie Choo 
School Counsellor
Tan Mei Fung.jpgMs Tan May Fung
School Counsellor
mdm jennie lee sow keng.jpgMdm Jennie Lee Sow Keng
Teacher Aide
mr manian govindasamy.jpgMr Manian Govindasamy
Security Guard 

Please refer to Staff E-Mail Directory for list of e-mail addresses.

Deployment of staff is subjected to changes depending on school's needs without prior notice.

Page last updated on: 26 December 2017