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Our Department Members

Appointment of Department MemberName of Member
Head of Department/ ScienceMrs Sim-Chang Onn Nee
Level Head/ ScienceMdm M'chelle Chan Kim Hong
Senior Teacher / ScienceMrs Sylvia Loo-Teo Gee Hua
Senior Teacher / ScienceMs Salizah Bte Sudar
P3 Department RepresentativeMs Lin Qinying
P4 Department Representative
Mr Ong Dunming
P5 Department Representative
Mrs Sylvia Loo-Teo Gee Hua
P6 Department Representative Mr Nazaruddin Bin Mohamed Isnin
MembersMdm Shanthi Vijay (HOD/ICT)
Mr Ivan Ng Chin Yong (HOD/PW)
Mrs Daphne Ng-Heng Pei Li (AYH/P1)
Mdm Ong Linne (AYH/P6)
Mdm Chong Lee Hong
Ms Christine Tan Shi Qi
Mrs Tan-Fun Pei Fen
Mr Nicholas Khor Tian Boon
Mdm Natasha Nadia Bte Mohamed Hafidz
Mdm Noor Azlinah Bte Abdul Aziz
Mdm Sueriaty Bte Abdul Khalil

Our Key Programmes

Name of ProgrammesObjectivesTarget LevelDate/Timeframe
WOW Programme•To provide a platform  for children to share, learn and work together.Primary 1Term 2
WOW Programme•To provide a platform  for children to learn certain aspects of science education at an earlier age.Primary 1Term 2
Science Plus Programme • To provide a platform for pupils to practice problem solving skills, develop positive science attitudes and learn new science content.Primary 3 - 6Term 2
 Learning Journeys to Resource Centres
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to learn science beyond the classroom. 
       Primary 3 - 6 March - September 

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