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School Leaders' Weekly

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Term 2 Week 1

Welcome back after the March term break holidays! We hope that all staff, pupils and parents had a good break and spent some quality time with your loved ones. Some of the pupils shared that besides catching up on their schoolwork, they were pleased that they went out with their parents, siblings and grandparents to do fun things as a family during the term break. We are glad to know that many of our pupils have learnt to spend time wisely during the holidays.

Term 2 is going to be an exciting one for all of us with various activities and programmes lined up for our pupils and parents and we look forward to them. Some of the key activities and programmes are highlighted below:

SYF Appreciation & Showcase on 23 March 2018

Our Performing Arts CCA pupils have been practicing hard for the SYF Presentation this year. Representing the school at the SYF Presentation is a huge honour for our pupils and we know that they go all out to put up their best performance. We wish them all the best for the performance. The SYF Appreciation & Showcase will provide the pupils the opportunity to be confident for the actual performance and for them to show appreciation to their fellow performers, teachers, CCA instructors and parents.

P5 Adventure Camp from 5 April to 7 April 2018

Our P5 pupils are all excited for the P5 Adventure Camp coming up in April. This event is a milestone in a pupil’s primary school life as it is probably the first time the pupils will be staying overnight at a camp. We hope that the pupils will develop self-confidence, independence and teamwork during the 3D2N camp. We hope that our P5 parents will attend the campfire on 6 April to show support for your child.

P1 Character Trail on 6 April 2018

We are glad that our P1 pupils have settled into primary school life rather seamlessly. The P1 Character Trail marks the end of the P1 Transition Programme which has been carefully planned for the pupils. We would like to invite all our P1 parents to attend the Character Trail as we have planned activities that you can participate in with your child. We are sure your child will be happy to have you in school so he/she can show you his/her friends and teachers.

Let’s Make a Difference on 7 April 2018

SVPA will be organizing the “Let’s Make a Difference” event for parents, pupils and teachers to bond and do something good for the community. We are excited as this is the first time we will be coming together to do something meaningful for the less fortunate.Click below to access archived School Leaders' Weekly posts.

P1-P6 Parent-Child-Teacher Conference (PCTC) on 22 & 23 May 2018

PCTC is an excellent opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teachers to discuss about his/her growth and development in school. Your child will have the opportunity to share about his feelings and thoughts about school and his/her holistic development. We hope that all parents can make time to attend the PCTC so that we can work together to provide support for your child.

Cultural Immersion Trips to Brunei, Zhejiang and Hong Kong for selected pupils

Three groups of pupils and staff will be going on the cultural immersion trips in May or June this year. We are pleased that the response for the trips has been very positive and this is really due to the support from the parents. We hope that the pupils will benefit from the learning experience. We are sure they are looking forward to the trips!

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