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Principal's Message

Mdm Sharida.pngWelcome to another new school year! 2017 will be an exciting year for all of us as we journey together, immersing ourselves in the different programmes and activities that will both excite and educate our young charges. 

As we continually strive to provide quality education, our focus is not just about delivering the content and preparing the children for examinations but we want them to also develop a passion for learning. A passion to acquire knowledge and to know more about the world around them. We want to get them excited and enthusiastic, so that they seek and seize learning opportunities all the time. We want all our children to perform well academically as well as to discover the joy of learning in school and beyond. 

As you go through our website and the learning experiences we offer, two words will likely stand out quite strongly and they are “Vibrant”and “Variety”. The vibrancy and variety we offer is a reflection of how mindful we are of the different needs of our children and how we need to make learning meaningful and exciting to engage them. Lessons vary from traditional chalk and talk to enthusing children through outdoor and inquiry-based learning. Our teachers tap on a myriad of strategies so that lessons are both vibrant and engaging.


To excite, enthuse and engage our children, we carry out signature programmes which are designed and developed by our very own teachers. The programmes have been designed such that they meet the needs of our children especially as they prepare for the ever-changing and fast-paced world that they will encounter in the years ahead. 

For example, we have signature programmes like the ‘World of Wonder’ at Primary 1 and  2. This programme integrates the teaching of  Science, Maths and 21st Century Competencies through Project Work. Our children not only learn Science and Maths in an interactive way, but they also develop communication skills and learn how to collaborate with one another. The school is also proud to have developed our very own P1 and P6 Transition Programmes. These programmes aim at providing support to our children be it academic or social emotional as they prepare for the next phase of transition in their lives. The P6 Transition Programme looks at equipping our children with essential skills that will prepare them to be independent, confident & self-directed learners and to prepare them psychologically, mentally and emotionally to ensure a successful entrance into the secondary school.  By the end of the programme, we hope that our P6 children can make the adjustment to the demands and routines of secondary school within a couple of months, and enjoy learning in their new schools.  


Values in Action activities have become a staple in our Co-Curricular and classroom activities. We involve our children in activities that require them to spend time with the elderly and also to guide them in Art and computer activities. Our children are also involved in guiding pre-schoolers in Science and library activities.  This year, they will also get a chance to work closely with a group of special needs children in our Arts Showcase. We do this because we want our children to value and respect the people around them. We want them to know that regardless of their age, they can do their part to contribute to the community. 


All of our children are amazingly multi-talented. We recognise that each and every child is unique and different and hence while a child may be a whiz in Mathematics, he or she could also be a potential Master Chef or even a Singapore Idol. 


To ensure an all-rounded education here at South View, we have Aesthetics and life-skills programmes which span across six years, and will develop the children progressively. They dance, draw and play musical instruments. They also learn to cook. Some of these lessons are conducted by our very own group of talented teachers. The teachers have gone for the relevant training with professionals in the different industries to hone their skills in order to teach these skills effectively.

I have a strong and dedicated team of staff who are committed to the school and to the children. They work in close collaboration daily to bring out their best so that the children benefit.  They never shy from taking on new challenges as they always put the children at the heart of all that they do. I have all faith in my staff that they will help propel South View to new heights.


Last but not least, when you become a Southvien, you become a member of our family. Our parents are key members of the Southvien family as they are an enormous source of strength and support. We have a very strong parents’ support group and we are proud to share that for every 3 pupils we have in school, 1 pupil’s parent is a member of the support group. This alone is proof that we have a very strong partnership with our parents. Our parents work together with us by helping organise events, assisting teachers with learning journeys and school activities, and to giving us continual feedback for improvement. More importantly, they are our sounding board before we make any major decisions or changes in the school. Through dialogue sessions and informal chats, we listen and hear one another. 


We all agree that every child is unique. We need to persevere to guide our children to help them find their niches, help them grow in wisdom, show strength of character and inculcate in them a moral compass that will ensure that they are able to distinguish between right and wrong.


To potential South View pupils and parents, do go through the different pages of the website. Uncover and discover for yourselves the exciting journey you/your child will experience when you join us as a Southvien. 

We promise that a truly unique experience awaits.

Yours sincerely, 

Mdm Sharida Batcha Sahib
South View Primary School